Golf Skills Cymru
Golf Skills Cymru is a web driven programme and access to the website will open further features which will assist you in the delivery of the initiative.

The website has been designed with ease of use in mind, navigation is easy just click on the required buttons to enter the required area.

The Golf Skills Cymru homepage will allow the site visitor to access 6 key areas –
Access to each individual skill challenge, its image displayed in a visual graphic along with video clips of European Tour Professional Sion Bebb completing the challenges.
Access to a whole host of additional resources which can be utilised by organisers, participants and coaches.
The Organisers area is for the use of the Golf Skills Cymru organiser only and is password protected.
This area is to be used for inputting scores from your Golf Skills Cymru Challenge and also contains all the resources required by the organiser.
This area will be updated regularly with the latest news and developments of Golf Skills Cymru.
Ensure that the participants in your scheme regularly visit this area as scores by notable golfers and celebrities will be made available. The annual results will also be made available via the News section.
Access to each individual leaderboard for each category of participant.
Will return the user to the Golf Skills Cymru homepage.
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